About the project

Who can answer the survey?

We will ask General Practitioners and Family Doctors to share their views.

What will we ask?

The survey will collect information about demographics and the clinical settingadoption of digital technologies before and during the covid-19 pandemic, and perspectives about the future post-pandemic - lessons to be learned and the way forward. There are no financial incentives for completing the survey, and participation can stop at any moment. The study has been reviewed by the Ethics Committee at Imperial College London and will comply with all data protection requirements.

Who is overseeing the project?

The inSIGHT project is led by the Institute of Global Health and Innovation (IGHI) at Imperial College London.  At IGHI, we work to support the identification, development and widespread diffusion of healthcare innovation. In doing so we aim to sustainably reduce inequalities in global health for generations to come.

The Lead Investigator is Dr Ana Luisa Neves, supported by Dr Saira Ghafur (Co-lead investigator), Gianluca Fontana (Senior Policy Fellow) and Clarissa Gardner (Research Assistant).

Dr Ana Luisa Neves
Lead investigator

Dr Ana Luisa Neves is a General Practitioner, Research Fellow at Imperial College London, and Associate Professor at University of Porto. Her research focuses on understanding how digital technologies can provide better, safer, and more patient-centred care.

Dr Saira Ghafur
Lead investigator
Dr Saira Ghafur
Lead investigator
Gianluca Fontana
Senior Policy Fellow
Clarissa Gardner
Research Assistant